WEAR & CARE project

Wearable art to change the world- a craftivist project created by young artists involved in making the "(small but) FIERCE" Magazine, especially for "Deer Shed Festival" and "Hartlepool Waterfront Festival".

Thank you to Aaron Bowman & Megan Evans for inviting us to run workshops at your fantastic festivals!

Sometime soon, somewhere nearby, you may find a beautifully decorated, biodegradable bag with the following message attached:


"Hello,  This bag is a wearable artwork called “Wear & Care”. It is from the “(small but) FIERCE”* magazine and has been carefully made with natural, biodegradable materials by:­

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 


“Wear & Care” is a Craftivism (craft and activism) project aiming to encourage people to be more aware of recycling!


Please use it to  stylishly collect recyclable rubbish!


(Please be careful when wearing this bag – do not wear it near or on your face or head and do not put the strap(s) around or near you face, head or neck.)


Single use plastic items that are thrown away, instead of being recycled, cause huge damage to our planet and many animal species (please see www.greenpeace.org.uk/what-we-do/oceans/plastics/). We are giving these carefully decorated bags to people so they can have fun (safely) filling them with recyclable rubbish and taking that rubbish to a recycling point.


Safety: some rubbish can be dangerous so please don’t pick up anything sharp, dirty or with an odd or very strong smell (as this can come from chemicals which may be harmful)

Recommended rubbish!!!

  • Paper and cardboard- clean dry paper and cardboard that is no longer needed (please check!) like cereal boxes, old newspapers, or used bus tickets

  • Plastics- clean, dry, single use plastic bottles like pop bottles, milk bottles. Single use plastic bags. Please be careful to keep plastic bags away from your face and head and away from small children.


You can find local recycling points by visiting www.recyclenow.com


We would love to celebrate your hard work - once you have filled you bag please email  us or tag us in a picture of you taking it to a recycling point! Email: northeastnastywomen@gmail.com   Facebook: “Nasty Women North East” or “Small But Fierce Magazine”


“(small but) FIERCE” is a project to create a magazine for “children who want to change the world and the adults who support them”. The magazine is being created through a series of workshops all over the UK and will be launched at the Anti-Art fair in London, in Oct 2018. For more info please see: www.nastywomennortheast.com/small-but-fierce-magazine"

Keep your eyes peeled and, if you find and use one of these beautiful bags, please email us to let us know or tag us on social media!

People have already contacted us to let us know that they have used their bags in:

  • Darlington

  • Thirsk

  • Birtley

  • Newcastle

  • Sunderland

  • Tynemouth

  • Hartlepool

© 2018 by Nasty Women North East

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