“(small but) FIERCE”


An international art magazine for and by children who want to change the world (and the adults who support them).


Come and help create a new kind of children’s magazine!!

Created by children, for children. Supported by Nasty Women North East. Conceived and managed by Kitt and Michaela from #3Graces.
There are no polite princesses or strong but silent superheroes here. Through a series of workshops around the UK we aim to discuss and discover social issues that affect children in 2018, whilst bringing alive the excitement and world-changing work of the global art and activism movement “Nasty Women”. The magazine is part of a series of Nasty education projects called “(Nasty) Women are in art history too”.

In the sessions children will explore the work of female artists and activists throughout history- learning about how art can change the world and creating typical magazine standards (word searches, colouring in pages, free prizes and cartoon strips) with a twist. Content will explore, illustrate and aims to create change around issues that affect the participants. Each workshop will be inspired by the work of female artists through the ages from cave art to female identifying artists involved in the Nasty Women Movement today. 


A selection of work made during these workshops will be included in the “(small but) FIERCE” website, which will be launched at the Anti Art Fair in London in October 2018.







Upcoming workshops:

We are taking a little break from running workshops while we put together the website for the magazine, which will be launched  at the Anti Art Fair in London in October 2018 (we are so excited!!)

Workshops start again in Feb 2019, keep checking this page for updates and follow our "(small but) FIERCE" Facebook page.

To discuss booking workshops for your venue please contact Kitt from #3Graces: lady_kitt@lladykitt.com

Previous workshops:

April 4th, 2018 (Thought Foundation, Birtley, UK)

April 9th,2018 (Thought Foundation, Birtley, UK)

May 16th, 2018 (Shift + Signal School, Gateshead, UK)

June 12th, 2018 (Women, Art, Visibility conference, Durham University, UK)

July 12th, 2018 (Northwood Heights Home Education Group, London, UK)

July 21st and 22nd (Hartlepool Waterfront Festival 2018, UK)

July 22nd, 2018 (Deer Shed Festival, Thirsk, UK)

Aug 3rd, 2018 (Great North Museum, Newcastle, UK)


Who we have worked with so far: 250 young people aged 3 -25 based in the North East of England, London and Yorkshire, & students and staff at Durham University

Things some of these young artists have said to us:

"Why are there no girls in football magazines?"         


"I want to make art about Climate Change, because adults don't seem to care about it enough, and it's making animals die and people are animals too, that means everyone should be recycling and not using more things than they need and having paper straws".

"I think friendship is the most important thing in the world"   


"There should NOT be adverts in children's magazines. It's bad for children to be forced to think about buying  all the time, when they should be focused on their learning. Not all those children have a lot of money, it could make them feel bad and lots of toys (in the advertisements) are badly made and made of plastic too, it's not good for our environment"   


"My biggest achievement in life is standing up for people who can't stand up for themselves"

"I want to write because I think writing is art too. When I'm an adult I want to be an author and write a book then everyone can see what's inside me. What makes me, me"

"This workshop is good. It's good to be asked what we want and how we feel about the world. These bags are good for all the world and good for the Deer Shed Festival too because they are doing lots of recycling to keep their beautiful area clean", participant at Deer Shed 9

 "Being strong is more important to me than being beautiful".

The theme of our first physical magazine (which will be launched in 2019) is "Wear your (H) art on your sleeve - wearable art that makes us think" content will include:

  • Dada word searches created in our workshops, inspired by the work of Hannah Höch 

  • Create your own wearable Craftivist project, pull out guide

  • Interviews with inspiring children (and adults) around the world including 15 year old "drag kid" Katastrophie Jest from New York, who uses their amazing make up, hair and clothes to highlight issue which effect LGBTQ+ children, British artist Sarah Khanum Maple, who uses clothes and costumes in her art as a way to talk about gender and about being brought up as a Muslim, with parents of mixed religious and cultural backgrounds. Other interviewees include vegan activist and writer Dr Alex Lockwood, 9 year old environmental activist and film maker Elsa, performer and Tourettes Hero Jess Thom and craftivist Shannon Downey (aka Badass Cross Stitch).

  • Photos of cardboard costumes made by young artists at our workshops and inspired by the amazing work of  Swiss artist Sophie Taeuber-Arp

  • Coverage of the first ever Nasty Women International Art Prize, which asks artist to create proposals for works of art and activism that can be worn by / on the Plenty Up Top Gallery

  • "Crowning Glory; untold stories" - Cut out and make (fabulous) crown to celebrate little or unknown achievement of yourself or someone fantastic in history. A celebration of human achievements large and small. Global and personal. 

Thank you!!

We are very fortunate to be supported by some phenomenal people in devising and delivering this project. We would like to say an especially big thank you to:

All the fantastic young artists who are involved in creating and producing this magazine

Thought Foundation

Leanne Pearce

Ampersand Inventions

Alex Lockwood

NewBridge Project

Inês Mourão

Aaron Bowman

Kathryn Wharton

Megan Evans

The Great North Museum

Staff and Students at Durham University

Alix Collingwood-Swinburn

Deer Shed Festival

Laura Bell

Andy, Finn and Ada

We are committed to make the magazine and workshops as environmentally friendly as we can, using ethically produced recycled and biodegradable materials and resources. If you have any suggestions for ways we can do more of this / do it better please get in touch!

Project conceived and managed by Michaela Wetherell and Lady Kitt


© 2018 by Nasty Women North East

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