Nasty Residency Programme 2018/19

"A fun and educational experience that has definitely had a positive impact on my work as an artist. Lady Kitt and Michaela Wetherell shared their expertise on being arts professionals plus spent time with each of us individually supporting our unique practice... so much care and thought were put into making the residency!"
Anya Bliss, Artist, Nasty Residency 2018

"Inspirational stuff"

Shonagh Short, Artist, Nasty Residency,2018

"After this residency I do feel new confidence in my ideas as an artist and new techniques, especially with working with groups"  

Cath Walsh, Artist, Nasty Residency,2018

Previous Nasty Residencies

We are being supported by the amazing​ PRAXIS Gallery, to deliver a series of micro

Plenty-Up-Top Residencies for Nasty artists, at the moment these opportunities are offered by NWNE on an invitation only basis to artist who have been involved in the movement. The programme is completely self funding and volunteer run.

  • Artist Cath Walsh, Period Poverty Project, July 3rd-4th, 2018

  • Nasty Women Art Prize, Collective Residency, September 14th-16th, 2018

Upcoming Residencies:

  • Artist Bis Biserka, Nasty Women Art Prize runner up, 2019 date TBC

  • Artist Hedley Sugar-Wells, 2019 date TBC​

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