Nasty Women International Conference 2017

In November 2017, Nasty Women North East were ecstatic to organise and host the first ever international Nasty Women  Conference at Thought Foundation, Gateshead UK.
















We were joined by Nasty Women from around the world including one of the co-founders of the Nasty Women movement, New York based artist Roxanne Jackson.
2017 was an astonishing year for Nasty Women- it is estimated that the movement has raised over £500,000 through around 70 events involving 3,000+ artists.
The conference was an opportunity for people who were already involved in the movement and people were interested in being involved to get together- celebrate our huge successes, share our less successful moments (and what we’ve learned from them!) and plan for an exciting, creative and useful future.

Political postcard making workshop with award winning artist Sarah Maple (UK). Much of Maple's inspiration originates from being brought up as a Muslim, with parents of mixed religious and cultural backgrounds.

· Art and activism talk from Airco Caravan (Netherlands), founder of Nasty Women Amsterdam

· “Nasty PR” workshop with Kymberlee Jay (UK/USA) Black British Business Awards winner 2017 - an entrepreneur, writer, philanthropist and former dancer for Madonna

· Chi Onwurah MP, Member of Parliament for Newcastle upon Tyne Central and campaigner for women’s rights locally, nationally and internationally

· Plus- The Guerrilla Girls (GLOBAL!), Klaus Pinter (AU), Margaret Harrison (UK), Daria Galeeva (Russia), Trudy Giordano (USA), Joyce Overheul (Germany) and Lady Kitt (UK)

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