We are Nasty Women North East a wildly eclectic collection of Nasty Women from the North East of England.

We are based at, and work in collaboration with, Ampersand Inventions, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK and are proud to be part of the global art, activism and fundraising movement of the same name . The Nasty Women (NW) movement, which has been likened by some to the “Guerrilla Girls”, is fast becoming an important global force in activism and art.


For us being “Nasty Women” (NW) is not a physical, party political or biological definition. No need to be a women, an artist or even particularly “Nasty” 


If you:

  • Believe in equality and want to protect human rights (in particular women’s rights)

  • Would like to use art/ support others to use art (in the broadest sense of the word- poetry, dance, drag, music, knitting etc) to help increase equality and protect human rights? 

  • And are happy to welcome and support others who also want to do these things…..

Then as far as we are concerned you are a Nasty Women- Hurrah!!!


In April 2017 Nasty Women North East held the first Nasty Women exhibition in the UK! The exhibition featured over 200+ artworks by 80 artists from 23 countries. It was visited by more than 2,500 people.

On November the 16th & 17th, 2017 held the first EVER International Nasty Women Conference with key note address by founder of the movement, New York based artist, Roxanne Jackson, plus talks /workshops / art by a huge variety of fantastic Nasties from around the world- including Airco Caravan founder of NW Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Sarah Khanum Maple prolific Nasty Women and multi award winning artist (UK).

In 2018 we are involved in two more fantastic Nasty Projects:

The Nasty Women International Art Prize


"(small but) FIERCE" an international, feminist art magazine for the under 10s!

© 2018 by Nasty Women North East

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